Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rusty McDonald on Intro 6061

Rusty McDonald - You Got the Right Number / Call Operator 209 (Intro 6061)

"You Got the Right Number"

"Call Operator 209"

We've already heard Rusty McDonald's outstanding Chesterfield record (heard here), and Westex has posted his Coast single (heard here). This one on Intro pre-dates both of those and we find Rusty going for a pure honky-tonk sound here a la Frizzell. In fact "You Got the Right Number" was obviously inspired by "If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time)." On the flipside Rusty goes to where Frizzell feared to tread, with a pure blues from Floyd Dixon. Rusty was into blues but this was probably recorded at the behest of Intro, who owned Aladdin and therefore was hoping for some crossover action.

The musicians are unknown but this was recorded in Los Angeles at Radio Recorders on August 5, 1952. Dick Stubbs remembered sitting in on a couple of Rusty sessions so perhaps he's present on the steel.

Rusty McDonald appearing at Crystal Springs in Fort Worth, late 1950s.

McDonald was living and playing in the Beaumont area as well as his home town of Lawton, Oklahoma, during these years. Billboard reported on December 5, 1953, that McDonald was a DJ on KSWO in Lawton and had his own TV show there.

Some film footage of Rusty McDonald has been posted to You Tube. It captures him appearing with the Callahan Brothers and Spud Goodall in the 1943 western, "Springtime in Texas." I think this is the only film footage of Rusty.

"Old Joe Clark"

"Turkey in the Straw"

Thanks to the Hillbilly Researcher #3 for information on the Intro label.

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