Monday, January 31, 2011

Solid Jackson Hipsters on Nucraft 103

Solid Jackson Hipsters - Stormy That Gal Of Mine / Where Are The Words (Nucraft 103)

"Stormy That Gal Of Mine"

The first of two releases by this mysterious outfit, who may or may not have been based in Houston in 1952, when ACA mastered four sides by them. Jack "Scat" Powell has left only a few traces of his existence that I can find -- he recorded for Bluebird in 1937, and then somehow stumbled into a Duke Ellington session a year later. Billboard reported in September, 1948, that he was disc jockeying at WKY in Oklahoma City.

I would guess that "Scat" was something of a jazz novelty act along the lines of Harry "The Hipster" Gibson, and, as white R&B goes, this is not bad. "Stormy's" suggestive lyrics are similar to "Rock and Roll Ruby," though there couldn't have been a connection.